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The Stadion Sports NIL Preparedness Self-Assessment

Wondering how your organization stacks up against your peers in preparedness for new NIL legislation? Take the Stadion Sports NIL self-assessment to find out. While your answers will help Stadion Sports better understand the NIL landscape, this assessment should serve to identify your own readiness for NIL issues that are soon to affect all of college sports.

The questions posed in this questionnaire are based on the wide spectrum of readiness we are seeing in athletic departments nationwide. At the completion of the questionnaire, you will be able to see where your organization falls on that spectrum so you can establish timelines to take the proper steps toward building your own NIL program. At the end of the survey you will be asked to submit your email address which will allow us to send you an executive summary report of our findings. If you wish to remain anonymous or are not interested in receiving the report, you may leave that field blank.

Complete the self-assessment:

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