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The landscape of intercollegiate athletics is changing as never before.


Are you prepared?


Are you ready for the changes – and challenges -- that will result from student-athletes being empowered to manage and market their own Name, Image and Likeness?


Most importantly: are you ready to embrace these changes and make certain this seismic shift becomes a positive for your current and prospective student-athletes, coaches, university athletic department and brand?






Though the changes being brought about through NIL legislation may feel unprecedented, they are not.  In fact, Olympic governing bodies and athletes experienced these very same changes some 25 years ago.  What began with profound concern for the continued viability of Olympic sport has turned into a vibrant environment in which athletes are empowered to pursue individual marketing opportunities; rightsholders and brands benefit from a much stronger marketing platform; and, everyone wins. 


Were there growing pains in the early years? Absolutely.  But, our Founding Partners bring the unique perspective of having successfully navigated this landscape – along with an impressive track record of success developing and managing brands in intercollegiate athletics.

At Stadion Sports, we bring together experience and insight, gained by working with some of the most visible brands in intercollegiate and Olympic sport, to deliver a winning game plan for student-athletes, coaches, athletic departments and sponsors.


Our actions are built upon these principles:


Education … deliver in-person, online and ongoing resources and tools that focus on NIL and professionalism life skills.


Realism … assess the NIL benefits and opportunities, along with the costs, and prepare student-athletes to successfully manage this new environment.


Embracing Change … support the new opportunity for student-athlete rights with the resources to set them up to be successful.


Balance … ensure NIL efforts are compatible, not competitive, with academic success, athletic achievement and personal growth.


Empowerment … prepare student-athletes to succeed in life and in the commercial marketplace with personal responsibility.


Equity … embrace diversity in people, services and opportunities for all student-athletes and player rights.


Trust … provide independent advice regarding NIL, state laws, U.S. Congress, student-athlete rights and more.


Perspective … bring our experience from intercollegiate, Olympic and professional sports to the table.



Our name is derived from the Latin word for "Stadium" and pays tribute to the timeless values of sport and the enduring power of education.  But, as with sport in the 21st Century, our name also reflects the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the games, and business, we love.  


Stadion is a venue.  It's where sport, education and business intersect to prepare student-athletes for the unprecedented opportunities, and challenges, of an entirely new playing field.

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